Rotometal – Tools for printing house


Our Magnetic cylinders are performed in a very precise tolerance. Strong magnets which we use provide very good work with the flexible dies. The body of the cylinders are made of stainless steel and the hardened bearers provide a long life of the cylinder. In case of damage we also repair them.


The print cylinders are made using special aluminum material or steel. To reduce the weight of them we use the tube material. All the cylinders are supplied with the standard gears in high accuracy (8/9) or for the special customer wish hardened and ground gears (5/6). To protect the surface of printing cylinders we also anodized them. The print cylinders are made as a standard aluminum with the gears and also with the additional components such a shafts, bearers, register rings and others. We manufacture the print cylinders to all the flexo machines.


In our modern CNC machines we can make a very good class gears for almost all of the flexo presses. We can also make a gear in class 6 ( hardened and grinded) for the customer request.


Bases for rubber coated cylinders also known as varnishing cylinders, lacquering cylinders can be supplied for vide range of machines. The base cylinder can be made from steel or aluminum with various types of gears upon customer request.


Lineal tool with laterally adjustable and removable individual circular cutting tools for different job requirements. The blades are made from hardened tool steel to assure long-term and trouble-free performance. A cut through and kisscut effect can be obtained for all longitudinal cuts. The tool is manufactured to suit individual needs of a customer.


We offer te end rings made of aluminium standard or anodized version. Using the modern technology of production we can offer the highest quality of our end rings. We can offer the end rings for almost all printing mashines.


Cross cutter provides a special system of cross-cutting and perforation. There are two standard height blades. On request it is possible to produce different height. In order to ensure the long life of cutter, knives are made of hardened steel. Sheeters are available in two versions: for cutting or perforating labels.


In our offer you can find modern sleeve print cylinder. Easy construction makes them to be good alternative for a starnad print cylinders.


Rotometal company proposes air cylinders with air adapter for applying rubber sleeves and printing cylinder sleeve. This solution allows you to work on the entire surface of rubber sleeve and printed without end.


The cutting units we offer are perfect solution for the production of small runs and samples. According to the customer wish can be produce as manually operated or mechanically operated.


Anvils are made from hardened steel. To get the highest quality of the anvils we produce them on the modern CNC mashines.


Rotometal designs and manufactures tools for the printing industry on over 5000 square meters. With more than 150 employees and the latest CNC machine park, we guarantee highest precision and quality of our products.


Thanks to the in-house hardening shop, polishing and gear manufacturing, we customize your tools at short notice and with highest precision on site.


Through our value-for-money, exceptional quality and short lead time, we are one of the market leaders.


For our customers we do provide a technical assistance on inspection of the condition of the tools, production of spare parts, repairs, retooling, resharpening.

For more information regarding our products please feel free to contact us.